No Pulling Allowed

From Painfully Disappointing Drag to Delightfully Relaxing Stroll.

Book Reviews

Really Helpful

Well written, full of explanations on exactly what should be done and why. A great training aid for a new dog owner, whatever the age.

Sorinda Bridgewaterr, Dog Owner

5 out of 5 Stars

It does what it says on the tin!!

"Back in February I met Natasja, I then attended her No Pulling Allowed course in April with Big Blue, the dog equivalent of passing Freight Train!!! His habit is intermittent, I had trained him well, but as his professional dog walker/trainer I wasn't able to put enough work in consistently to make it go away entirely. This workshop and book left my head buzzing with new ideas that I couldn't wait to add to my existing toolkit and the imp...

Ali Spence, Dog Walker

Easily Implementable Advice

As a dog walker I come across many dogs who pull on the lead. Their owners tell me that they’ve tried everything, head collars, harnesses and the such. But they haven’t tried to train the dog to loose lead. Natasja will give you all the ingredients to train your dog to walk calmly by your side.  She shows you how to do this in a way that you can easily implement yourself. Yes, it takes some commitment but if you’ve brought this book then you are willing.  I shall certainly be buying this book for some of my customers!

Sally Cousins, Dog Walker

No Boring Instruction-Manual-Type Training Here

Fun, Focus, Play; a development programme with a difference! You won’t find any boring instruction-manual-style training here, no repetitive sits or downs.


Instead this is concept training. It's about shaping dogs’ emotional responses so that they are more comfortable and better able to cope with all aspects of life. It’s about giving dogs the life skills they need to solve everyday problems by making the handler more exciting than the distractions in the environment.


Natasja weaves her advice amongst entertaining stories and unexpected memorable analogies. What has The Good, The Bad and the Ugly got to do with dog training? You’ll have to read to find out.  


Follow Natasja’s method and you will see an improvement in your dog’s behaviour while building a bond through reward and game-based training.

Katie Guastapaglia, Enrichment Specialist

Factual and informative

Love that this book does what it says on.the cover. No jargon no complicated methods.
Easy and most of all fun!

I cant wait to read the next book!

Catherine Rose, Dog Owner 

5 Stars

This is a fantastic read for anyone struggling to get their dog to walk nicely on the lead. Not only does Natasja explain in great detail how it isn't just about getting a loose lead, you also get a five-step process for success with really useful games attached. Lots of amazing life experience stories in there, that you just don't find in many other books. 

Claire Lawrence, Dog Trainer

The only book you need if your dog pulls on the lead

Love that this book does what it says on.the cover. No jargon no complicated methods.
Easy and most of all fun!
I cant wait to read the next book!

S M Gould, Dog Owner

Enjoyable Read

Pulling is a major problem in the canine world.  For an owner with this problem, it’s very frustrating and nothing seems to make a difference. There’s no book that addresses this problem or helps you understand why your dog pulls. Until now, ‘no pulling allowed’ is an enjoyable book that really helps you implement steps to improve your dog’s pulling and makes you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks, Natasja! 

Harriett Goodall, Dog Walker

This book simplifies the reward process

 I have been struggling with my dog's' over-excitement since day 1 and despite training classes and a behaviourist, we still have problems. Fergus only has an off switch in the evening, other than that he is hyper-vigilant, even when appearing to be resting.


Fergus is clever in that he can tell whether or not we are training. I just can't get that split second for him to focus.  I have over 70 training books in my kindle arsenal, but yours is the only one I have come across that simplifies the reward delivery process and I am looking forward to trying it out.


Fergus can be a puller but I am hoping that will settle down as we become more of a team. 

Thank you.

Liz Tracey, Dog Owner